“How can I grow my brand online?”

“How can I stand out from my competition?”

“How can I generate more sales for my business?”

Are you asking yourself these questions?

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Freelance copywriter and content marketer

freelance copywriter and content marketerMy name is Clement Lim. I’m a freelance copywriter and content marketer. I was born and raised in the UK. I live in London.

I work with CEOs and marketing executives to help them grow their business.

I specialise in complex and challenging niches including manufacturing, growth strategy and technology.

Background in journalism and law

Before I got into marketing I worked as a magazine feature writer then I switched careers to become a trial lawyer.

As a feature writer I developed these skills:

  • To write on a wide variety of topics for a variety of audiences.
  • To write in a way that was engaging and enjoyable to read.

As a lawyer I developed these skills:

  • To thoroughly research my cases down to the last detail.
  • To draft persuasive arguments backed by evidence and logic.

When I became a copywriter and content marketer, I was able to use these skills to produce highly engaging content for my clients.

Michael MarchiondaWe hired Clement to write about metals as part of our content marketing strategy. Clement is able to produce high quality and accessible writing about technically complex topics. Most importantly, his content engages our readers and drives traffic to our site.

Michael Marchionda
Marketing and Communications Specialist at Metal Supermarkets

Content that gets measurable results

I produce content that:

  • Generates shares on social media, driving traffic and engagement.
  • Attracts backlinks, improving SEO, and increasing search engine rankings.

Take my post “How to Create Content that Converts Like Crazy”, written for JeffBullas.com, one of the top marketing blogs worldwide.

To date it has generated over 1.1k shares in social media.

Content that Converts - Shares

It was shared by some of the top influencers in the marketing space. Like Jon Morrow (Copyblogger, Boost Blog Traffic).

It attracted 6,304 backlinks, propelling it to the no.2 spot on the first page in Google for the highly competitive search term “content that converts”.

Content that Converts - Links

Content strategy that builds organic traffic

I advocate a content strategy based on creating engaging content around targetted keywords optimised for search engines. When this is done consistently, organic traffic (traffic from search engines) will grow steadily over time.

As an example, I  was engaged on a long-term basis by the marketing team of a multinational company. My role was to produce content to generate traffic to their website and drive sales.

Over a period of 11 months, the company website’s organic traffic grew by 67.7%.

  • 4th June 2015  33,817 visits per month
  • 10th May 2016 — 56,741 visits per month

organic traffic growth

As seen on the top marketing blogs

My work is regularly seen the on top marketing blogs.

I’ve been published on: Search Engine Journal, Jeff Bullas, Smart Insights, Bluewire Media and Blogging Tips.

I’ve been featured in: Problogger, Tweak Your Biz, Bizible, Pipeline Marketing, Techwyse, Business 2 Community, Ray Hiltz, Weekly Growth and many more.

My published work includes:

6 Clever Copywriting Tactics to Boost Your Conversion Rates
– Search Engine Journal

How to Create Content that Converts Like Crazy
– Jeff Bullas

How to Use Evergreen Content to Drive Traffic for Years to Come
– Smart Insights

Will BluntAt Bluewire Media we have many talented writers contribute to our blog from around the world. Clement wrote an excellent piece on content marketing for us that was one of our top guest contributions of 2015. His writing was a pleasure to read, and his responsiveness and professionalism over email was refreshing.

Will Blunt
Founder and Director of Marketing at Blogger Sidekick

How I can help you

You’re a busy professional, a CEO or marketing executive.

You need someone who can cut through the noise and produce strategic content to grow your brand and drive sales.

I can help you in three ways:

  • Content strategy. I can develop a content strategy for you that: expresses your brand identity, differentiates you from your competition, and targets keywords optimised for SEO.
  • Content marketing. I can create content to grow your brand that: attracts a new audience to your brand, engages them with valuable and relevant content, and converts them into loyal customers.
  • Copywriting. I can create sales pages for you that: are targeted at your audience’s needs, overcomes their objections, and persuades them to pull the trigger.

My services cover website copy, landing pages, blog posts, white papers, case studies, and email marketing.

Nathan KelseyClement is an excellent writer whom I have worked with on a number of projects. He can write for a wide range of businesses and knows how to tailor his style accordingly. I know I can count on him to produce writing which is well researched, engaging and persuasive. He always keeps to deadlines and has never let me down. Clement is a pleasure to work with and I look forwards to collaborating with him again.

Nathan Kelsey
Website Designer | SEO Agency | Social Media Management

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I help businesses grow by producing strategic content that gets measurable results.

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